Police VS Zombies

Who doesnt like a good zombie movie or a fun zombie game ? In Police VS Zombies, we decided to gather two iconic universes : the Police, and zombies, in order to provide a fun and entertaining experience. In this game you are not an ordinary policeman. You don’t chase criminals, you crush zombies and try to save the last survivors. Ready to kick some zombie asses ? Be fast though, the remaining citizens wont resist long !

Motorbike Police Pursuit

Do you like motorbikes ? Do you like racing games ? Do you feel excited watching pursuits on TV, like a child dreaming of speed and action ? If the answer is yes, then you definitely should play this game. In Motorbike Police Pursuit, it is not about embodying a policeman chasing criminals. In this racing game, you are the criminal, trying to escape the city. Drive fast, dodge the police forces, escape them, at any cost.

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